Bathroom fitters in South West London: Guaranteed quality and reasonable prices

The most important condition for a cozy and warm bathroom is quality waterproofing. Waterproofing is done both on the floor of the bathroom and on the walls, and more detailed attention should be paid to the areas around the bathrooms: sink, shower, toilet bowl, bathtub and more.

Also, we must mention that it is extremely important not only the presence of waterproofing, but also its quality. Moreover, the low-quality and incorrectly applied waterproofing means that you do not have one at all. In this case, the moisture will again penetrate into the floor and walls of the bathroom and you will only have wasted your money.

Therefore, if you need to repair the waterproofing of the bathroom, always contact the specialists in Greater London – Bathroom fitters in South West London.

They will help you choose the right type of waterproofing. Bituminous, polymer or cement-polymer waterproofing to choose?
Before buying waterproofing, you need to calculate exactly how much you will need and provide a certain amount as a reserve. Don’t forget to include the places around the taps and bathrooms.

The space around the shower must be insulated at least 50 cm on both sides and 50 cm above the height of the shower. The same goes for sinks and toilet bowls. Where there are no bathrooms, the level of waterproofing above the floor should be not less than 10 cm. The optimal height is 20 cm.

When applying the waterproofing, pay attention to the places around the pipes that enter the floor and walls, as these places are often missed and water continues to enter from there, advise experts from Maximore. Of course, if you choose to use professional services, the masters who offer them – Bathroom fitters in South West London, will delight you with high quality performance of all assigned tasks.

This way you will have a modern and well-renovated bathroom, which you will be happy to visit every day. Also, all your guests will be delighted!