Expired: Learn more about genioplasty cosmetic surgery in London

For years, you have had to deal with the appearance of your chin.

You recently talked to a very close friend and he ordered you to go for Genioplasty. However, this procedure being very unfamiliar to you, obviously you would first want to learn more about genioplasty surgery in London before you go for the procedure.

What is Genioplasty? Also known as chin surgery, this is a kind of operation
that is often done on the chin. It can be for advancing the chin because it is deficient or to take it back if is too prominent. Many at times, Genioplasty can also be used to enhance the results of a Rhinoplasty to actually bring the face into
full harmony.

Which chin surgery operations are available? Currently, they are three; sliding Genioplasty- a versatile operation that can produce some of the best face transforming results, an implant Genioplasty which is an alternative to sliding Genioplasty and normally involve the use of prosthetic chin implant and lastly the skew chin point which is one of the most complicated of the three and often requires a very experienced cosmetic surgeon.

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Which one is right for me? Even though they are three kinds of operations, an
implant Genioplasty is one of the most common and is currently employed by many
surgeons to lengthen a very short chin and lower a short lower jaw. Although, it is one of the easiest to perform, it tends to limit the patients options and results, as well.

How long does the operation take and the patient to recover from the surgery?
Normally a one-day affair, a patient is admitted on the
day of surgery and discharged on the same day of the operation depending largely
on how he or she feels. This kind of cosmetic surgery is usually performed under general anesthesia.