Merits and Demerits of Plastic Surgery

Merits and Demerits of Plastic Surgery

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It is a rumor that plastic surgery is only used for beautification purposes. Reconstructive and Cosmetic surgery are two types of plastic surgeries. Just like a coin has two sides, this process comes with advantages and disadvantages.


  • Personal satisfaction

It is imperative to be happy from inside. Some people have the wish to own a luxury car, few wishes to be rich, and few want to look beautiful. By performing cosmetic surgery on the face and several body parts (based on individual interest), their goal is achieved. Praises, proposals and positive comments will make them happy and satisfied.


  • Health benefits

Scars and burns caused by accidents can be removed by performing reconstructive plastic surgery. Few women face problems of back and neck pain due to big breasts not proportional to body weight. Breast reduction by surgery will minimize and completely removes the pain. Nose reshaping surgery improves the breathing. These are just a few examples for understanding the importance of plastic surgery for health.

  • Physical appearance

Getting 6 pack abs requires exercising each day and diet maintenance for months. Liposuction is one of the procedures in Plastic surgery. This surgery removes the excess fat covering your body. Since most of the fat deposits are removed, the desired results can be achieved faster.

Girls love attention. Of course, they get attention with a great physique. Exercising is the traditional way of achieving it, but the shortcut is plastic surgery. It is advised to take care of the body for some days after surgery as suggested by the doctor.


  • Pricing

Plastic surgeries are costly. Price tags vary with surgeries. The first point to note is performing these processes is not an easy task. It requires professionals to handle the work with perfection. As we are dealing with the human body, a minor mistake can take a deadly toll on life.

  • Risky

No matter how careful the surgery is done, there is always 0.1% chance of risks that affect the body. Few might get attracted to the offers of having surgery at low costs. Do not get into these offers; they might have side effects if not done by a specialized surgeon. Side effects include pain, swelling, rupture and many other complex issues.

  • Time taking

Planning and performing plastic surgeries is time taking. But the next phase which is healing also takes time. During this phase, swelling and pain will be observed by patients. Doctors give painkillers and suitable medicines.

However, it is the responsibility of oneself to follow a healthy lifestyle. Tissues inside the body need time, healthy food to recover and come back to normal state. Recovery time is not the same for everyone. Based on the surgery undergone and condition of body, recovery time varies.


One thing to note is that overnight recovery from plastic surgery is not possible. It takes time for the body to adjust to changes. It is important to take medicines properly, healthy food diet and precautionary measures given by the doctor after the surgery. Failing to do, people have to face the consequences that are painful and in the worst case not curable.