Expired: London is famous for otoplasty cosmetic surgery

You probably want to know what is otoplasty.

Otoplasty also referred to as pinnaplasty, ear reshaping or ear correction is a surgery procedure to resize, reshape or position the ears. It basically involves having to reconstruct and reshape the ear. The ear size or shape can have a very crucial effect on how one feels about his/her face, thus affecting one’s confidence, and self-esteem in public.

The otoplasty surgery in London takes up to 2 hours and is often performed under local anesthetic, unless under special needs and particular individual cases or even to young children where general anesthetic is preferred to reduce the amount of stress that one may be put under during the surgery. The surgery procedure entails removing the ear skin, reshaping the cartilage underneath and stitching the ear before dressing.

After the cosmetic surgery, one is hospitalized overnight to ensure safety and proper recovery. Then afterwards, the cosmetic surgeon will advise you on the best way to help you recover quickly. Having bruised ears, which are red and swollen for a week or two, one is most likely advised on wearing a turban head-bandage or headband which will reinforce the ear wound and new cartilage. Normal discomfort can be controlled with painkillers. One is expected to make a full recovery in 6 weeks.
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The overall cosmetic surgery has very small chances of something going wrong, and minimal side effects. There is also no set price for an otoplasty surgery as every single patient is different and treated on an entirely individual, case-by-case basis.
London is famous for otoplasty cosmetic surgery, since it boasts having well-experienced cosmetic surgeons with profound surgical skills and attention to detail. Furthermore, London offers a range of cosmetic surgeries including breast and facial. Find the best cosmetic clinic in London and get a good cosmetic work.