Small game or a big adventure – take a trip to the Balkans

Millions of people around the globe are passionate about chasing the wild game, but everyone has own drive and reason to love it. While some shoot for the trophies and thus prefer to stalk (or go after) the big species like the red deer, or the wild boar, others take the trip to the fields to fire the rifle for a showcase of shooting abilities. Hitting birds in flight is something you can enjoy full-scale during a holiday around the Balkans. Several countries provide with a broad spectrum of opportunities. You might consider going for wing shooting in Bulgaria, but Romania and Macedonia also have what it takes for a satisfying adventure.

What land should you head to?

It depends in the first place on the particular game you like to shoot at. If it does not make that much of a difference would it be larks or rock partridges, looking for the best price also plays a significant role. Going for the small game is usually more affordable than chasing the roe deer or the wild boar. So, the wing shooting in Bulgaria might be an enjoying experience even if some budget restrictions are standing your way.

Picking the country for the trip based primary on the species you aim to hit requires some degree of knowledge. Let’s say it this way – you won’t be sorry if you travel to Romania in the case thrushes or larks top the list of your goals. Or the way around – you can book wing shooting in Bulgaria if your passion is to fire the weapon at pheasants or geese. Going for rock or gray partridges make Macedonia look like a highly appropriate destination. These countries share lots of similarities, so most of the species are present everywhere.

Make plans for the right time

Well, you probably know that birds fly south for the winter. Following that, it is easy to say that wing shooting in Bulgaria in the months of snow is worthless. It is more than that – the small game shooting might be forbidden after the end of October or November. So it is not only migratory birds that you can’t go after in the winter. Indeed, the hunting season for the small game might be shorter in Romania, or Macedonia compared to the time frame to go for the big game. And perhaps, this is another reason to make the wing shooting looking like one really exciting experience.